What is a Landing Page

A landing page is different than a website home page.  A landing page is specifically designed to capture leads from a target audience. For example I made this home page www.thirdheaven.com and then I made this landing page for the same business Test Landing Page that landing page is just a test page I made for this blog.  One of the reasons someone might choose to design a landing page would be a specific social media campaign, an E-book or a special sale at your business.  For example if I own a fitness studio and I have a special add running on Facebook promoting my new women’s kickboxing classes I would not want the link going to my main home page that shows pictures of mens weightlifting.  In this scenario I would want a specifically designed landing page that appeals to the demographic of women’s kickboxing and helps me capture my visitors information.

What is a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is basically the function of your landing page.  The funnel or landing page usually starts with an Ad somewhere on the internet.  From the Ad the landing page takes your potential client through several crucial steps.  What is being offered, what are the benefits of the offer, a sense of urgency and how to get the offer.  Using the scenario above your landing page might list these 4 steps

  1.  Women’s Kickboxing (the what)
  2.  Get in shape for the summer  (the benefits)
  3.  Only 10 spots left!  (urgency)
  4.  Enroll Today

I kind of did that on this test landing page that took me about 10 minutes to create today. Landing Page 

 How much does a landing page cost?

Mad City Creations can help you make landing pages for your business for a low one time cost.  Utilizing the powerful back end office of your current site you can also make unlimited landing pages absolutely FREE.